Gram and Emmylou

by Dead Monks



The Gram and Emmylou Cassette is coming out in the next few weeks through Big Bullet Records in the SUPER near future.. Preorders can be made at the BBR bandcamp page.


released April 16, 2014

Recording and Mastering done by Kyle Woodworth.



all rights reserved


Dead Monks Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Emmy Lou
remember when you were frozen
and you were stuck in time
with all your memories chosen
your head only encases your mind

and i want you to take me for a ride
complete ain't how i feel inside

when you thaw out
old faces aren't around
no one to cling to
..but it's better than being underground.

don't you get it
no one's going to get through
the warm and fuzzies i'm on
they're all to do with you

come see me
act like a fool
i already told you
i think im uncool

we could be like gram and emmy lout
but don't you ever think, i feel im just stuck with you

maybe i'm daydreaming
tender and cruel
remind me of music
real and surreal

melt the ice around me
tell me what i've missed
made of dreams and
dreams are made of us

such sweet things
never run out of things to do
well don't you ever think
i feel im just stuck with you